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TV Series : Breaking Bad – How a chemistry teacher turned into druggist after diagnosed with Cancer

Life is a challenge

Started this MES domain and angular js technology.

Fully stressed. But trying my best to compete with new comers

Iskcon initiation got. Happy about this. Spiritual advanced.Taking BG classes for kids.

Learning mrundangam , kartal etc.

Trip to Shimoga – Cancer Medicine – 10th Feb 2019

Recurrence came.
Shimoga went. Vaidyaji introduced a new token system to eradicate brokers

They are taking photographed token system

Meditation- Heartfulness – NGO

Good NGO

Trip to Vaidya Narayana murthy -Shimoga for cancer medicine

From my experience of travel to shimoga anandapura from Bengalure I am writing this post. It may help others too.

Talguppa is the best train from bangalore to anandapura (ANF which comes after shimoga).
From anandapura one has to take an auto (50Rs)
Otherwise walk for 250 mtrs buses are also there (10rs)
But to stand first in the queue take auto.

Train No to narsipuram

From anandapura one can come to arsikere (train is there from ANF) and can come to bangalore easily

Trip to narsipura anandapura – Hotel and travels

On 1st of Nov 2018
I went for collecting medicines to shimoga.

As it is Karnataka state formation day I was confused whether it will be opened or not.

No one is there to take the calls there from Vaidyaji side.

But there is a hotel Hombuja. The owner is very kind and he helped me.

9449253788 — good help

From Hyderabad

one can use this travel

iskcon belgaum – Farm Community

RMD cancer hospital valsad Gujarat

RMD cancer hospital valsad

One of my fb contact has told me about this . Her wife is getting treated here.

R.M Dhariwal trust or known as Hem Kamdhenu Girivihar Trust built a hospital as a purpose of social welfare which treats cancer patients at a very negligible(almost free) cost .It’s a Cancer Hospital in Vaghaldhara (tehsil/dist-valsad, Gujarat)village on NH-8.

Yes, you’ve got the correct information. They claim to treat cancer by using cow products. Totally in a natural way.

They treat cancer patients by ‘Panchgavya’- mixture of five different products obtained from a cow. They are- cow dung, urine,milk, curd and ghee.

As you know Chemotherapy is an effective treatment for cancer . But it would be little heavy for the pocket of a middle or low class patient. it has several disadvantages, too.

On other hand the treatment that is being provided by this hospital is totally natural. It might take little time, but it is having no disadvantage at all.

The practice and reports has shown a steady increase in numbers of patients over the years. and why ever not? Here treatments are being priced at as low as Rs.1/- per day!