Hi All 

I am happy to write feedback about the launch of our new Bdotnet site.

I am writing my observations here.

Really Kashi , Vic ,Vinod ,Anil Mahadev ,Venkat etc have put so many efforts for the success of that event.

Moonlight in Linux, Deepak Gulati, Microsoft.

Its a nice session.  He gave an insight into Silverlight.Already We have a nice introduction session on Silverlight by Jason earlier.

If Deepak stressed more on Moonlight than basics of Silverlight then it will be more useful. For the beginners of Silverlight it is 100% useful.

Gadgets loka by Dr. Pavanaja

Its nice to hear speech of Pavanaja. It is mix of technical with funny things.

Htc Touch (Windows mobile 6 device) . He showed a mobile which has features like Book Reading, Music , Outlook integration etc. visit mobile.htc.com for more details.

Wireless notebook laser presenter mouse :

It has zooming facility to highlight the selected text.

On the back side it has some buttons which works like left and right clicks.

It has laser beam which will be useful during presentations.

He showed a pen which can be used as USB and MP3 and like a normal pen .


Vinod has showed Snipping tool to capture screen shots. Very useful for the developers.


Vic has gone into insight of the gadgets.

It showed his great skills . Tweaking the IPod etc .Visit america.htc.com

Windows Mobile 6.0 :

Under this  he spoke about

A2DP profile (Audio to Digital profile)

Show voice commands. ( His device is recognising his voice through commands and it is performing like that).

He told about GPRS. itunes etc.

Then Kalpash session on "Search Engine Marketing and Optimization ( SE0)

It is some bit different session from the other BDotnet sessions.But it is useful one. He gave insight of how to make our site as most ranked site.

What are the optimization techniques ? What are the ranking factors and offline factors?How to index our site content?

WordTracker, Overture, Google Adwords etc will help us in making our site as top visiting site.

Kalpash has to give a full session on this to reveal more to the group.

Then finally

Akash and his friend ( Srikanth)  showed demo on some cool features of iPhone such as Cover Flow, Landscape mode, Zoom, Multi Touch screen, Keyboard, Proximity sensor.

Their blogs : http://aksblog.co.nr


For this event LoginInfotech has sponsored.

It is  really funny geeky and techie session.

Final Note:

Speakers should sit beside to members( always speakers are sitting in the last row in a group) so that new members can interact more.

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