From last 10 days my PM Prakash J introduced a new concept.
He brought books and he want the team members to read them and pass it to others.
First book was "Our Iceberg is melting".
I read it in 2.10 hrs.
What a nice book it is???
It will really change the mindset of the people. " How to adopt to changes fastly and make lives happily?"
Actually I am a good reader of these books.
Its a great and a fresh idea like making the team members to improve their behavioral skills.
Right now I want to add one more comment.
Y these HR people wont concentrate on these things.
Always they want their employees to be with good communication skills.
If they want a good team they have to concentrate on these things also.
Definetely I will have an big entry on HR people about their work, behavior , attitude and lot more ….

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