Day before yesterday
When I am tired of work I went to the reception place in my office.
I got a book "Developer IQ" and turned the pages.
I found Orcas 2008 new features interesting.
I like the way author writing the new features.
As an average guy I expect the things to be simple.
I found understanding content in engineering books very difficult.
I had my own notes.
These are the list of features that ORCAS 2008 is having:
 1. Backward compatibility to 2.0 ,3.0 vista ,3.5 orcas
    RightClick on Project Properties or Property pages you have the provision to select the framework.
 2. Reference Cleaning.
  •      Remove unused usings
  •      Resolve

3.  Automatic properties

4. Object  Initialization like arrays


Split View

Cascaded Master pages: It has more than one column control place holder means different layouts are feasible.

Ajax master page

Css Property window

Instead of building entire site build a specific page

Javascript debugging and Intellisense and Xml commenting in client side also using javascript

Integrated with Ajax toolkit and get more codeplex

Finally LINQ ( Language Integrated Query)





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