Today when I am reading Times Of India newspaper C.K.Prahlad an Indian stands in first place in Management.

I am giving this entry for reading their books.

List of top management gurus:


2. Bill Gates

3. Alan Greenspan

4. Michael Porter

5. Gary Hamel

6.W Chan Kim & Renee Mevborgne

7. Tom Peters

8. Jack Welch

9. Richard Branson

10. Jim Collins

There are three other Indians in the top 50: CEO coach Ram Charan at No. 22 (up from No. 24 last year), innovation guru Vijay Govindarajan of the Tuck Business School at No. 23 (No. 31 last year); and Harvard’s Rakesh Khurana at No. 45 (No. 33 last year).

Indian management gurus:

  1. C.K Prahlad
  2. Gita Piramal
  3. Sumantra Ghoushal
  4. Ram Charan
  5. Arindam Chaudhuri
  6. Promod Batra
  7. Shiv Khera

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  1. Raje says:

    Hi..just now checked ur blog in updated space…….Just thought of addding some info abt CK.Prahlad…
    check this link..


    or just search "C.K.Prahalad"….mind blowing thoughts …..

  2. ambati says:

    Thanks for giving useful information

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