Yesterday night I went to one of my school and college mate room.
I stayed for 40 min .
But it is a useful chat.
He is married.
He told me that what we have to do for going to the next level in the society.
He is one of the talented guy in our Btech college.
Good technical skils and nice guy also.
Most of my classmates are very talented (below 2000 rank in Andhra Engineering Entrance test).
They are working in good companies with good salaries.
After marriage we will have kids.
We will take their responsibilities.
Without much knowledge we will become old .We will build a house thats what our father did.
But we are striving more than them.
They stayed with their parents and achieved these.
We came outside and worked hard.
Finally what we will achieve is a some bit bigger building than our father.
He told me that he is not getting ways to the next level.
Then I told my thoughts.
Think big. Dont create a boundary around you. Be broad minded.
See the market outside. So many are in foreign countries.
One of my classmate has already started. She is in US.
She is finding the ways of getting the clients.
She is a regular worker like us.
But because of broader view she is doing all these.
He is going to France ( fully).
I took already initial steps in that area. Stretching myself. Exploring myself.
Now I know what are my strengths and weaknesses.
Its time to take the next challenge .
Understanding the market outside.
He got the sense of my ideas.
Now he will take me to the next steps with his powerful skills.
I am sure he will approach some more classmates (who are abroad) and will bring some good ideas.
We determined that its not a bad one to give a try.
Fascinated by this: "People Ready"

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