Hi friends,

 Sorry for the delay in writing the post about the session on 17th Nov.

 First one is on c# 3.0 enhancements taken by Wriju Ghosh .

 Its one of the good demos. He explained through demos.So really one can get the advantages of c# 3.0

c# 1.0 concentrated on Managed Code ,2.0 on Generics and c# 3.0 (ie new one) Language Integrated Query.

c# 3.0 is pure programming language. It means there are no APIs. So in future if new version is released there wont be any breaks and compatibility issues.

It has functional programming constructs ( like old Haskell language) ie we have Lambda Expressions in c# 3.0

In c# 3.0 we have

  • Linq to Objects
  • Linq to Datasets , Linq to Sql, Linq to Entities ( will be released in Oct 2008)
  • Linq to XML

Now people are writing applications with MSN, Sharepoint using Linq

He explained an example in C# in different flavours like first with Predicates, then with Anonymous Method and Inegrated Query and with Lambda Expression. and how Microsoft is helping the developer in reducing the time.

New features like closure,var anonymous type ,automatic properties, extension methods..

dbml — database model language a new template was introduced.


2nd one: Service Broker by Amit Banswal

One of the nice sessions.

It will help the people to start with Service Broker.

It is some bit like a EAI tool like Biztalk.

But Biztalk acts as Enterprise Application Interface which helps coordinating between different systems like a Siebel and a CRM

But if both are Sqlserver then go for Service Broker.

I got so much information in Service Broker.


I am requesting both the speakers to upload the presentations.

Wriju Ghosh can be wghosh@microsoft.com

Amit Bansal can be ab@amitbansal.net



I am requesting both the speakers to give some more sessions.Guys dont miss these sessions. 


Vic and Khashi announced that some sessions will be there  on Biztalk (December for 3 days) and Silverlight (In January)

Condition is you should be active in the group.

So gain knowledge and help others at the same time.



Sreedhar Ambati


http://ambatisreedhar.wordpress.com ( for knowing the latest events in Bangalore)




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