After struggling at Google Apis (which are requried for my current project) on Friday I want to have something different for the weekend.
On Saturday and Sunday I attended few conferences.
Which are technical sessions , entrepreneurial sessions, revenue model sessions ,business model sessions.
Saturday I started at 7:30 Am and yesterday I reached home at 10 Pm.
Now I am fully loaded.
Definetely some sessions ( like business ,revenue ) gave me a new directions.
From the last so many months I am finding different oppurtunities to generate revenue and to change the way people think.
The coming entries will be on
IT Pro MVP summit ( on Navision) feedback
Making surrounding place better
About Proteans sessions
MindTree osmosis session ( enjoyed .its like picnic spot with good presenters)
Barcamp5 feedback
Yahoo hackers day feedback
MeDemo feedback
Revenue model and business oppurtunities
Good ecospace in the user communities
Quest International
Retrospectives of last 9 months ( Truely I have to accept the realities here)
Have to spend sometime to complete Sendhil’s session topics
Cant able to attend initRIA ( really missed UI session)
World is changing dramatically : Agile Vs Old processes.
My experience with ThoughtWorks.. Some useful things we can adopt in our workspace too.

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