Intentionally I made this entry public.

I want to make my working environment better.

Earlier I send some mails to the respective departments to post the content to all mostly about tech sessions.

But it was not happened.


Irrespective of a company ,we are getting mails from Training dept about the training calendar and training programs.

First a mail comes with the topic asking us to nominate for the session. After some days another mail comes informing that the training session is postponed because of inadequate participants.

Finally it becomes a regular phenomena.

If you are continuing this both the speakers and the participants will lose interest and these training sessions will never be successful.


Below are the list of suggestions I want to make:


1.       Create interest or zeal in the people like in my CM team.  There team members always asks for sessions and even want to come for the sessions at 9 ‘o’ clock though they are having very hectic schedules. When Prakash J and Sendhil introduced the sessions there is some bit reluctance from the team. It happens everywhere . But after finding it useful everybody are interested to attend these. Other teams also showed interest in participating these sessions. If you could able to make at least some members participate  regularly it will create curiosity in others also. So don’t expect 15 members. Make it 8 to 10.

2.       Make the speaker present the session with real time examples and with code.

3.       Ask the managers to encourage their team in participating such sessions.

Always we are having work in the project. And it should not be a reason to learn new things. We have to make some time for it.

4.       Training department should take full responsibility and has to involve fully. Make the sessions very interactive.

5.       Nowadays technical sessions are going informal way ( like in Bar camp). Experiment with new formats which people really likes.

6.       Take the feedback seriously then and there and take actions appropriately. Change the format of taking feedback and it should identify the key requirements of the company and the participants. Don’t stick on stringent processes.

7.       Identify the key speakers and the topics.

8.       Ask suggestions from the participants about the topics.

9.       We can ask even the less experienced people (who have outstanding performance in their respective projects) to take the sessions. Ask their team members and mentors to participate in those sessions and encourage them.

10.   Once these training sessions are successful we can open these sessions for external people also (like Osmosis event) .It will help in our recruitment process also.


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