Navision (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) UG meet on 15th December 20076:10 PM to 8:00 PM – Navision (Microsoft dynamics NAV) – By MVP David                

About David:

David Singleton introduction. 
I started working with Navision as an End User. That was on ver 3.04 on OS/2 and DOS. That company eventually became a Navision reseller, and I joined PC&C to create NTR’s (Navision Territorial Representatives) in Central and Eastern Europe. I then created my own consulting company, where I consulted to NSCs (Navision VARS) and also developed Add-Ons. I have implmented 187 Navision systems in 16 countries, and lost count of the number of consultants and developers that I have trained over the years. These days most of my work involves training people how to implement Navision on Budget, and helping End Users to control the cost of their Implmentation mainly through management of their NSC.

Hi Friends,

I attended Navision event given by David Singleton. Thanks to Kashi and RahulNathan (BangaloreITPro) for organising the event.

Navision is one of the product in Microsoft Dynamics suite.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software product from Microsoft.

The product is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family, and intended to assist with finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises. VARs can have have full access to the business logic source code, and it has a reputation as being easy to customize.[1]

Navision A/S developed in 1984 in Denmark as PC&C ApS (Personal Computing and Consulting).

In 2000, Navision Software A/S merged with fellow Danish firm Damgaard A/S (founded 1983) to form NavisionDamgard A/S. Later the name was changed to Navision A/S.

On 11 July 2002 Microsoft bought Navision A/S to go with its previous acquisition of Great Plains. The new division in Microsoft was named Microsoft Business Solutions and also included Microsoft CRM.

In September 2005 Microsoft rebranded the product and released it as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The product itself has gone through several name changes as the original Navision company or Microsoft has tried to decide on how it should be marketed. The names "Navision Financials", "Navision Attain", "Microsoft Business Solutions Navision Edition", and the current (2007) "Microsoft Dynamics NAV" have all been used to refer to this product.

Refer :

Before evolving it as Navision the below are the versions:

1. PC plus

2.  Navigator DOS

3. Navision

4. Financials

5. Dynamics Nav

6. Version 6.0  (going to be released in next year)

Different Applications that can be developed using Navision:

1. Inventory & Finance

2. Supply Chain

3. Ware house

4. Agile Manufacturing


C/Side features:


  • Its is not a coding language
  • Client/Server intergrated development environment
  • Business Oriented
  • Not a true OOPs
  • Transaction based on "Version Principle" (key feature in database)
  • Sift and Flow field technology
  • Simple Object Model


He showed the UI of Navision

He told that Navision is suitable for mid sized companies. 250 users can parallely enter data but not 1000 users. Best performance will be shown for 120 users.

Its a windows application (thick client application)

Navision supports RFID (bar code readers) , RF scanning , RF data ware housing

His answers to the audience questions: 

Plans are there to integrate with Visual Studio

Current versions wont support web services and unicode but version 6  (yet to be released) will support web services

Pure Accounting & Auditing — U can go for GreatPlains (another product in Dynamics).But difficult to customize and good for manufacturing,datawarehousing.

Axapta is more good for sales


Navision Community:

Microsoft community:

He can reached at

Book:  Programming Microsoft Dynamics Nav – By Studebaker

He has done 189 implementations till now in his career.

Thanks to David for his patience to giving insight into Navision.


From the audience perspective these questions arised in their minds:

  • From his speech we understood that Navision is suitable for Mid sized companies.We are not convinced how Navision can get new clients. We always have to give support to old clients which are already using this. How we can convince a client to go for Navision as there are so many better ERP applications available in the market.
  • Why one has to choose Navision as his career.
  • It is not supporting large customers who are having crores of records
  • Navision UI is not at all cool and fresh.

This is what the audience felt at the end of the session.

They are not impressed with Navision product but felt happy to know about Navision through David.




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