First I started with SourceForge NetSpell project.
But it has so many limitations.They are maintaining a dictionary in the application.
It is not having all the words.
Then I tried with yahoo , google apis which are having licensing problems and right now Google is not issuing keys for their APIs.
Then I went this final approach "Screen Scrapping"
I used google spell check .
If you type anything wrong in google search box it will give a suggestion " Did you mean?: [the suggested text]"
I am parsing that text "Did you mean" and I am catching that suggested text for my application
And the code is below:
By using HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse I am reading and getting the content (Screen Scrapping) and storing the text in
and at this place (  "spell=1\" class=p>";  ) Google is giving the suggested text . I am parsing between "did you mean and the suggested text".

string lcUrl = "" + txtbox.Text;

// *** Establish the request

HttpWebRequest loHttp = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(lcUrl);

// *** Set properties

loHttp.Timeout = 10000;

// 10 secs

loHttp.UserAgent = "Code Sample Web Client";

// *** Retrieve request info headers

HttpWebResponse loWebResponse = (HttpWebResponse)loHttp.GetResponse();

Encoding enc = Encoding.GetEncoding(1252); // Windows default Code Page

StreamReader loResponseStream = new StreamReader(loWebResponse.GetResponseStream(), enc);

string lcHtml = loResponseStream.ReadToEnd();



string result;

int start, end;

string searchTerm = "spell=1\" class=p>";

string endTerm = "</a>";

start = lcHtml.IndexOf(searchTerm);

if (start == -1)





end = lcHtml.IndexOf(endTerm, start);

result = lcHtml.Substring(start + searchTerm.Length, end – (start + searchTerm.Length));

result = result.Replace(

"<b>", string.Empty);

result = result.Replace(

"</b>", string.Empty);

result = result.Replace(

"<i>", string.Empty);

result = result.Replace(

"</i>", string.Empty);



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