My sister got Team Achievement Award ( a 3 member team one tester one developer and a db) for her performance.
I always told her constant hard work with commitment creates wonders in life and in work environment.
Never my words went  wrong. Congrats sis.
Really I am proud of u. She is very kind , generous , and hard working girl.
She is a replica to me. Two persons I like more in this world. One my father and my sister.
They will work not completely for themselves but for the poor too.
When my sister donated 1 lakh to Tirupati free food programme last year I was astonished. So many criticized her.
From my experiences: So many people who called our family as conjoos (miser) have to know one thing.
If u r wearing good dresses and spending lot of money for urself what is great in that.
I use of spent  less money so I was called as miser.
One thing u r spending money for urself. Not for the poor and not to orphanages not to old homes and u r not contributing to the society.
But I am not like that. With that extra money we use to give to the needy people.
Why I wrote this??
The people who are staying beside to my room they commented on my sister.
I strongly protested them.
If u r buying a house and spending lot of money does it mean that u r lavish and if a person spending less money doesnt mean that he is miser.
Think for the poor and poor students help them then tell me that I am miser.
This is the mail she got from her HR.
Hi ,

Congratulations!!! You have received a Team Achievement Award for Recognizing the team s performance in consistentently achieving the targets set for <<Project Name>> and meeting the expectations of the customer inspite of unclear requirements and numerous change requests.

Your immediate manager will ensure that the award distribution takes place in a suitable forum in the near future.

You will receive a mail from Les Concierges(the online gifting service provider) giving you the details about on-line
gift availment within the 24 hours.

Les Concierges will deliver the gift chosen by you at the HTS campus. If you are on travel,
you can choose and pickup the gift within 12 months from today, while you are in India.


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