On March 15th I attended Day – long training to Microsoft Visual Studio2008 .

I saw this advertisement in "Heroshaapen Here" event.

I registered for this  Day – long training  to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and we have to choose different training institutes (which was sponsored by Microsoft). I selected 15th for vs 2008, 22 for sqlserver 2008 , 29 for windows server 2008.

Jayanagar Aptech institue is near to my place ( Marthahalli) .Its not day long … big blur. They told that it is for 2 1/2 hrs.

And I went there on 15th morning at the scheduled time (9 am) and it was started at 9:30 am .

I expected that the instructor will tell about the new features of vs 2008.

The training went for 1 hr (till 10:30 am) thats it . He covered the entire subject (that was told to them by Microsoft for 11 days) in 1 hr and thats it.

It is not time that  I am mentioning here it is the content I am worrying about.

He defined the new features in his own way without any knowledge on them.

Its waste of time thats what we felt. 15 guys came from far places and it completely went wrong.

He told that .Net 3.0 components are wcf,wwf , wpf and csharp ( see the mistake … it is windows cardspace).

He told in his own way.

I am not against to the instructor of Aptech. He tried his best to tell something to the audience that he understood from his 11 day training by Microsoft product manager.  And one cant expect more from an institute.

Tell me whose mistake is this. It is who went for that training  or Microsoft ‘s or the institute.

What these people are thinking about developers ?

A lady from the audience asked about Silverlight (what it is meant for )to him  and another guy asked what is the need of a new datatype (var in c#).

We never expected this type of answers from any session.

He told that Microsoft has not organised the event properly and not planned well and what they told to him is waste and Microsoft product manager also has no replies for some of the questions.

My quick suggestions are:

1. Encourage user group communities and not training institutes.

2. Spend the amount ( which is given to institutes and for the trainers)  on developing a good pool of members and instructors in user communities.

3. There we got so many pamplets (different colour pamplets). Please for the God sake dont do this type of marketing stuff. If you want to market MCP, MSDBA or anything please do it in other events (put a name that it is day long marketing stuff).

4. Actually this type of suggestions should be taken by Microsoft trainers ( Microsoft company guys) . May be its tough to handle the huge crowds.

Ask help from user communities we are always there with Microsoft. We can help . Here in this session the complete essence was lost.

Now for the coming virtual tech days Microsoft invited Mandira Bedi . Now I got fear to attend this .I dont know what will happen there.

If you want to attract more audience bring Mallika Sherawat instead. You will get more.

Its my opinion on this session.

It is what I felt there.


Sreedhar A



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