Just now I came out from IIM Bangalore (NSRCEL building) and came to office.
I attended StartUpSaturday event.
They use to meet on every second Saturday of every month.
Its an enterpreneur event. And its my first to attend.
Organised by Keshav Reddy (MyDuniya startup company),Pradeep and Suresh Bhaghavatula (IIM professor).
I was astonished after seeing the crowd. Hall was filled . Nearly 60+ persons came.
So many enthusiastic new enterpreneurs. So many new startup company heads.
Kickstart (started by Keshav and others) started this open community  group which provides help to new enterpreneurs in their startups even in funding too. Dont take it as a given but tries their best. That is what they told.
We discussed about

Essential of Termsheet by Ms.Dhanaya Menon.

Ms.Dhanya Menon is partner at ALMT Legal Bangalore. She is a corporate-commercial lawyer and her areas of expertise include joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investments, venture capital and private equity. Her practice is currently limited to Indian law exclusively.

She holds BA/LLB degree from National Law School Bangalore.

Demo: Mr. Chandan Maruti CEO of Storzz will be launching their product of Storzz with SN.

Storrz is a Social Mall That Lets You Connect To People, Products and Sellers

Storrz is a Social Mall. In the real world we go to the mall to have a good time. Shopping is just one of the reasons. We explore new products, meet friends, watch a movie, eat out at the restaurants etc. Storrz aims to bring the same online. At Storrz users can explore stores, meet people share information and a lot more, .

Storrz currently has 16 national brand stores and has served thousands of customers across the country.

Presentation: Venkat Ramana will present his social concept of "Open Commune". OpenCommune is a movement to create cafe-like community/collaboration space within a shared office environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers – via the coworking model.

First of all it is not a technical discussion.

But I got so much information from legal aspects of a business from the first discussion.

From the second discussion I could able to view a shopping cart application in a different angle.

Really fantastic about the idea of storrz . Shopping mall with social networking features.

More details will discuss later



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