KickStart <> is partnering with CIIE at IIM-A for the
iAccelerator Program, in line
with its objective of fostering and promoting entrepreneurship. KickStart
that this is an excellent way of taking the first step for entrepreneurship
and will
support the iAccelerator by bringing in its community resources.

iAccelerator <> is a short duration (3
months to be precise) incubation program for
IT Professionals and Students from across the country. It is a residential
and you will be paid a stipend of 8K per month to sustain in Ahmedabad.

The first week will be more of sessions on Entrepreneurship, focussing on IT
how to start out. The sessions will be taken by IIM-A Professors and the
of the Indian IT Industry.

The consecutive weeks will be more of working on the Project Idea and
Sessions from the biggies of the Industry like Microsoft, NASSCOM,
and Kickstart. Not to forget Networking with the best brains in IT and

The students of IIM-A will be helping the teams to commercialize their
product in the
third month of the program, get traction for the company and get funding to
expand. It
is an earnest effort to replicate YCombinator model, which is popular in the

If all of this excites you, download the application form from the
send it
across to them <>.

Aditi Gupta and Deepika at CIIE are handling the iAccelerator program.
Queries can be
directed to Deepika at or to Aditi at .

Team iAccelerator can also be reached at : +91 – 79 – 6632 4208

Please spread the word 🙂

Wishing you all the very best in your entrepreneurial endeavours!!!

KickStart team


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