On Saturday (19th) I went to Barcamp 6. Organizers responded to the earlier feedbacks and changed their way. Good change.Felt happy.
After registration I met Mrinal and Raghu. Mrinal told me that he will address my comments on his blog in their RIA discussions.
All RIA discussions (Mrinal ,Harish, Raghu ,Pandurang Nayak) were arranged from 2:45  to 5:45 pm.
Mrinal suggested me vivek blog of I2Fly for Flashlite related stuff.
Morning I attended ‘RIA designing and prototyping using Adobe Fireworks ‘ ,Sarthak, Arun, Eugene & Vishakha
Nice one .
Because of Harish I could able to understand more. He asked so many doubts.
Like he compared with powerpoint and visio of Microsoft products.
Thanks Harish. Equal credit to both speakers and Harish.
In the afternoon they arranged another session on ‘Extending Adobe Fireworks using Javascript’. But because of RIA sessions I missed it.
Afternoon at 2 pm Narsh Jain session on Agile methodologies was conducted. Wow. Wonderful session.More details in next entry.
Then Mrinal started his session on ‘Introduction to Rich Internet Applications’. He covered how they evolved. It was nice.
Java has limitation of applets and Microsoft has activex control limitation.
In the middle he told that only 30% of Ms Word are being used by developers. Yes it is true. Remaining are hiding.Most of us dont know.
Microsoft brought xmlhttprequest cocnept for the first time for their web version of outlook and it became popular after Ajax.
By using DHTML we can do more but developers prodcutivity is less. So it had not reached more to the developer community.
As the time lines are shrinking we moved towards Ajax.
Then Harish , Raghu took session on "Building RIAs with flex and flash"
Here it was interrupted like anything.
A DirectI guy interrupted more . And the whole sense was lost.
Still my old problem how to do a complex program than HelloWorld program was not shown.
I expected that atleast after going home I have to do a database application which was not happened.
Then a session on Openlaszlo by CoreObjects guy was taken. http://www.openlaszlo.org/  
He shared his experiences on that.
Then Pandurang Nayak took sessions on Silverlight and WPF.
Fully marketing stuff. Just demos. He gave a superb presentation in Flex Group community event. I liked it very much at that time.More insight into technology than demos. Concepts with demos at that time.
But here he concentrated more on existing silverlight demos.
Actually Mrinal interrupted too.  But he continued.
The only good thing is he showed two applications on WPF
May be people who have not attended may enjoy but nothing from technology perspective nothing got it.
If they are doing demos like this without explaining the concepts then only people remembers the demos not the concepts and so many concepts doesnt reach the developers.
I saw WPF two years back and worked for 1 month. Then client stopped it.
Still so many people dont know what is WPF . Some people knows but dont know how much extent we can use it.
I am requesting speakers to concentrate on the concepts and not on the demos .
Then only 27 minutes left for two sessions
Raghu has taken the last session on AIR. He showed the same what he had showed in Adobe Architect event with less content and competed with Pandurang for demos. May be time constraint too.
But the whole sense of the AIR event was lost.
I was left again in the same stage how to get started.
So many guys left in the middle of the sessions . May be it is barcamp . But people generally wont leave technical sessions.
I saw so many demos both on Silverlight and Adobe . I listed sivlerlight demos already . I will do that for Adobe too.
The reason is vivid. I dont want developers to waste their useful time for attending marketing sessions.
They will give clear indication in their agenda itself .They wont allow marketing and helloprograms sessions.And they will follow time also.
Just leave Thoughtworks. We came there for sharing our knowledge. We are representatives of our companies . I agree. Be open to all ideas.
When I came to Adobe Architect  event I felt very happy. At the end of the day I gained something.
But here nothing  I got. Just some URLs and some unknown technical words.
I attended an event forum Nokia on flashlite and nokia widgets.
A project manager from Nokia came for that event and gave presentation on Flashlite.
What she told is different models of Nokia , different standards and little on Flashlite . None of the attendees have understood. Even guys working in Mobile devices have not understood.
What we will do those standards ("according to IEEE 2.2 etc etc.. ) and what we will with Nokia models. We want how to use Flashlite in Nokia devices.
She has given her official id on the presentation and asked us to note it.
When I send a mail no reply . I asked a simple question from where I have to download Flashlite.
I got more details from Adobe friends only.
Her introduction will always like this : I am so and so and I am project manager of Nokia flashlite team.
What I will get with that. Whether he /she has grip on technology or not.
I examined her for the last 8 months in the sessions.
Never invite project managers to take the sessions and never invite people who wont respect technologies and developers and Microsoft guys who are MVPS and evangelists.
She came to this event too.
Silverlight and Flashlite:
They are showing light on demos but not on the concepts.
I am not questioning the commitment of the above speakers. I liked them personally. They are spending time for a developer like me.
I have lot of respect for their work.
But I cant accept marketing stuff sessions.

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  1. Mandira says:

    Hey Sreedhar!Nice post.  I am really sorry you were disappointed with the session.  The FUG talk was 3 hours vs. 30 minutes here.  I did ask at the beginning on how many people knew Silverlight and based my demo-based session on that.  Since a lot of people were new to the stuff, it was more important to show the possibilities and explain the concepts behind it rather than dive into code.  At the last Barcamp, I did write a bunch of code and found a lot of people in the room complaining that it wasn\’t the best thing to do since it was too short a session to get across a piece of code with full explanation.  But great feedback!  Will see how we can strike a better balance the next time around 🙂

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