Live Mesh is a synchronization system from Microsoft that allows files and folders to be shared and synchronized across multiple devices.Live Mesh consists of a software component that allows synchronization relationships to be created among different devices. Once a folder is set for synchronization, it will be available in all devices, and any changes made to the content of the folder will be reflected across all devices. Live Mesh uses FeedSync to convey the changes made in each device so that the changes can be synchronized. The information about devices and folders participating in a synchronization relationship is not stored locally but at the service-end.Devices in a sync relationship are collectively referred to as a Mesh.

The Live Mesh software, called Mesh Operating Environment,is currently available only for Windows XP and Windows Vista; Mac OS X and Windows Mobile support will be added later. It can be used to create and manage the synchronization relationships between devices and data. Live Mesh also includes a cloud storage component, called Live Desktop. It is an online storage service that allows synchronized folders to be accessible via a website. Live Mesh also provides a remote desktop software called Live Mesh Remote Desktop that can be used to remotely connect and manage to any of the devices in a synchronization relationship.


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