Sun Microsystems announced JavaFX (their RIA platform) a year ago but till now all we had seen were some lame examples mostly because (I guess) the deployment platform for JavaFX wasn’t ready yet.

Sun’s yearly developer conference JavaOne is currently going on and it looks as though some cool stuff is being shown there. I saw a twitter from Dion Almaer (of Ajaxian fame) where he shared a video of a really cool demo .. even though the demo crashed a couple of times ;) … it does tell you a lot about the platform

Things I liked …

  • Convert a web app to a desktop app, just by dragging it to the desktop (super cool !!)
  • Same code running on browser, desktop and mobile (if you believe the demo :))
  • Hardware accelerated 3D

Anyway its great to see how things are shaping up in the RIA world, if you want to learn more about JavaFX head to or here’s an image that presents a broad picture …
JavaFx Platform

Developer has to write code once. It will be compatible with pc,mobile(different versions,models ,screens), Tvs, consumer electronic devices.

For Mobile JavaME , for pc it is Java SE.


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