Well, you wasted lot of time in traffic jam… we started conducting UG meeting on saturdays instead of nice friday evenings(which we used to do)… you started finding shortcut ways to your office instead of taking main roads… you and your vehicle did swimming in bangalore rainy season…etc..
As the Karnataka Assembly poll dates get closer, it is time for some introspection. How many of us vote? How many times have we simply avoided exercising our right to franchise… wrongly thinking it wouldn’t make a difference?
If we won’t do our nation duty, exercising our right to vote, by what right can we again blame anyone – government or administration – for not doing theirs?
a)       You can find your name in the voter list, constituency and polling booth details at the click of button. Please visit http://ceokarnataka.kar.nic.in for details. Or simply walk to the nearest polling station on the day of the voting and get the details.
b)       The voting process is simple and hardly time consuming, thanks to Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Polling booths are located in the vicinity of your place of residence.
c)       You can vote without an Election ID card. Please carry any one of the listed ID cards to the polling booths to establish your identity.
d)       Please urge your colleagues, friends and relatives also to vote.
As Plato said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”.
As conscious citizens of India, let us all exercise our Constitutional Right to Vote. We, the people, can make a difference. Join us in taking a pledge, right now, to vote… and help create a better tomorrow.
yours B.NET Team!

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