I always want to make my surrondings a better place in all fields whether it is social or technical.
I came to know about Janaagraha one day.
Then I registered in that site.
Then I got mail from Janaagraha to participate in CAP program.
After missing so many CAP programs I went to ISI CAP program.
That was a nice experience.
That day I believed that it is not a time pass organisation.
This is what I want.
My search was ended here.
I want to involve in their activities fully.
Then I came to know about WISA program.
Roy , Devanshi told me about this.
I joined as a volunteer in WISA.
I have to do field work as part of this.
I have to collect some information regarding public amenities in Koramangala area.
Sanjana gave some ideas how to collect better information from the citizens.
They are very helpful tips.
Yesterday (24th May 2008) Sonu called me about the plan. He is my partner  in Koramangala area.
Today morning I started from my room (Belandur area) at 9 am and met Sonu at Reliance Fresh (Jakkasandra) and we have done a quick overview of our schedule.
I prepared a full list of Koramangala areas that we have to visit.
We identified the areas using maps and asking Real Estate guys.We even took the help of a Central Reserve Police guy. Really he helped more than anybody else.He gave advice to go Koramangala Police Station to get full information. We went and collected full information.
Now at 12:30 AM we decided to go to KHB colony.
We asked so many shop people to get the address.The voter list address are not having information regarding block,main ,cross . Koramangala is divided into 8 blocks ( I think so) but in the list it has 18th block ,16th block .They are not present. Voter list address has to change.
Finally we went to H.No.198 (Sujith Kumar) house.Actually in the list it was given that Sujith Kanna. Actually the address is 4A Cross,17E Main H.NO 198 ,KHB colony. Sujith went to US.His parents are here.
After finding difficulty in introducing ourself to his father ( first he was not convinced) then he gave a warm welcome to us.
He was nice person and gave so much information.He is a retd govt official person concerned about the society."What do you want me to do?" in one of the conversation he told these words. It hurted me a bit but after hearing his later words I came to know about his concerns about the society. Good person.
Then we went to #361 Venkabo Rao. He is a Telugu guy being in Bangalore over 40 yrs. When I told that we are from Janaagraha he is ready to give the details.As he know about Janaagraha and its activities he gave information with no hesitation. He is participating actively in their areas associations. But he commented one thing that the form which we are using is big. I too agree.We are taking more than 10 min(approx. 15min).Good experience with him.
Thats it.Only 2 houses are identified from KHB colony.We have our own work in office. So we dispersed.Before that we made a plan for the next week (it should be in the early hours next week, exchanged email and phone nos.) Nice experience with Sonu. He is a Malayali but can handle Kannada. He is an entrepreneur and that to in my field. I liked it as I have the similar thoughts.
Next week with some more thoughts and experiences.

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