BRTFF = Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival
was started by few friends in Bangalore as club where Independent
movie makers can show the movies created by themselves to an audience.
Its free to show your movie and free event to attend. Usually watching
the movie is followed by discussion regarding the content of the movie
and process/quality of making etc

some times we do watch few good commercial movies along with the indi
movies. Since its a free event we can afford to rent a place. Its
usually done on a roof top (which are free) and with screen and hired

You can go to to know more and see the pictures of
our past event.

For those who don’t know about BRTFF –
RTFF (Roof Top Film Festival) is a recent concept started by a couple  
of likeminded movie buffs (parent site – BRTFF is  
the Bangalore chapter. RTFF is a meet where every camper contributes  
something to the meet. They can either take care of the equipment like  
speakers, players, projectors, CDs/DVDs, etc. or other stuff like  
food, drinks, beds, blankets or taking care of transportation. The  
basic idea is that everyone has to contribute something. Its a "open-
for-all" meet. The event can either be a day or a night event, based  
on the convenience of the participants. After every movie the campers  
discuss / comment about the movie. As a gesture of support we had  
screened 2-3 amateur movies in the previous meets. But now we have a  
separate platform – filmcamp, for such purposes.

Actvie participants :

check this also for events:



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