When I joined in Proteans (1 year back) I use to come from Belandur a 7 km from my main office.
Earlier I use to feel that it is nice place.
Now the outer ring road is full of traffic jams.
From last 6 months I am coming to office by walk.
Anyway bus is taking 30 min and I can come to office by walk in 47 minutes.
So I preferred walking and I cant able to spend time separately for morning walk.
I observed so much in these 6 months why traffic jams are became very frequent nowadays.
Mostly people are taking cars.( mostly Project Managers)
One person is there in the car.Then why to use the car? Just for their comfort (AC cars)
Some IT people (mostly ladies) taking autos (here also two persons are using including driver). Why to take auto ? Just they can afford auto fares.
Pollution increased. I cant blame two wheelers as I am supporter of development.
But because of sudden increase of people earnings all these came.
I observed some good things too.Some IT guys (2) are taking bicycle for their office.
Now my area became hell to live. Even my lovely city Bangalore became victim of this change.
Nobody bothers about this. Just all are complaining about the problems.
Thats why I joined Janaagraha for the development of urban infrastructure.
Needs support from people.Otherwise our next generation cannot live .

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