bojug started by Ranganath (cisco) ,Amith, harish, Angath.
Students also attended for this event.
I dont know the address of the venue.I am a member of this group from a long time but attended for the first time. Thanks to muslim guy who gave address
details through chat facility of his blog.He is studying in NITK Suratkal.
I got some useful information from Ranganath before the session regarding active user communities in open source world in Bangalore. They are bangpipers,
python ,grooovy , Ubunto (usually conducts in IISC Bangalore),Solaris user group.
Last Friday ie 27th June it was organised at Sun Microsystems.
JavaFX : Harish
So many guys attended to know the sense of JavaFX.
More expectations from this session.
So many guys came here to know more about JavaFX.
We expected a more interesting session from the speaker.
But the session didnt well right.
Didnt get satisfactory answers for the questions asked by audience.
But Vaibhav, Rohan tried their best.
JavaFX on mobile still yet to come.
They are far lagging behind from Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight.
I met an old Adobe friend Ajay here.
Only one girl that attended the session and she left in the middle as the session is not upto the mark.
SE 6u10
He showed some demos on JavaFX too.
requires firefox 3
Nimbus Look & Feel (It came late as it Windows XP look and feel)
Drag & Drop plugin. It will create process in another JVM. Audience asked more question how it was implemented. Speaker is very good in answering to the
Kernel JRE .Its file size is only 1.4MB less than Adobe flash(1.5 MB).
What is warm and cold startups
Java deployment toolkit
Translucent and Shaped windows
Its a good session.He gave so much information in a short time.Gave satisfactory answers to the questions raised by audience.
He is a jovial person too.Timely jokes which I enjoyed too. But he has to keep a watch on them too.
Third Session :From JourneyMan to Master by
Nowadays I am feeling that I am working more than 100%. No time for my personal life.
Felt of changing the job too.
But this session bring back my spirits.
The best session.
Rohan really gave useful information for a true developer.
He gave so much useful information how to become a true architect.
He shared some book names, blogs, podcasts,videos.
I am having the list too which I will post it later after doing some initial study.
Thanks Rohan.Good job.
Thanks Ranganath and Amith.
We are expecting atleast one session per month to raise the spirits in the Bangalore java community.

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