Applied for  H1b for the last 3 consecutive years through different consultancies. My dreams of understanding the market and starting my own are getting delayed. Always my H1b application was not getting selected in lottery system.
About a laptop ( I cant afford to buy ) Expecting from my company. I dont think so
About an internet connection to fully utilise my time. My own old PC is not working. It is 7 yrs old.I want a replacement. Again money..
About new language or technology… MS CRM I understood most of it what can be done with it.
I want a new technology..
I want a fresh change …
About money.. I am not satisfied with my earnings.
I was not being used properly to my standards by my colleagues. I am very much enthusiastic about  work and learning new things.
Nothing I did this year. So planning for certifications.
Usually I wont stay in any company for more than 9 months. But due to personal things ( I have to clear debts)  and I like the environment in my current company. Mostly I like my colleagues Sendhil,PJ ,my CEO ..
But really I want a change.
And last one more  I hate this building which is very far from my room.Just because of this I am wasting my time for more than 2 hours in journey. Morning 3 buses waiting waiting . and evening I have to wait for the office cab..

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  1. Mahesh says:

    Ambati, i\’m not exactly trying to advice you, but i\’m just co-relating my past experience and fixes applied ;)..just give a try if you are ok with this. I had the same kind of problem last year, it is better to have word with HR ..dont wait for your manager or your guru to inform this to mgmt.(1) Regarding job – Check for new projects if your company allows you to select proj of your choice. Myself these days not doing great things other than same add/update delete stuffs in .NET. I just started looking MOSS and others as serious career interest…advice me if you ;ve any experience in this.(2) Regarding tech – It is very difficult to follow .NET these days, every day i find new things keep coming up and moving ahead with older versions….difficult to many times and feeling too much in short time..wat you say?.(3) Regarding travel – it is highly recommended to stay near to office, preferrably 1 – 3 Km, so you can walk. Traffic jam, polution, rain, peak hour rush, etc…you can cut. Look for room sharing with your officemates..(4) Regarding money – this matters a no negotiation or overloaded ..(5) H1b – US is no more dream place to work, my friends already planned packing..33% tax…(6) Hate office building – shows your general disinterest towards your routine life..try out dance class or aerobics to fill yourself with other stuff also.(7) Certification and your office sentiments – least thing…dont trapped into this.

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