Last Saturday I went to BangaloreITPRO session
First session is by VN Bhattacharya. Bhattacharya is a management consultant . . He explained the Antartica
expedition of Shackleton, Sir Ernest  .It was good
Later Mohammad Ismail session on Microsoft Unified Commnication Exchange server 2007 was also ok. How the different devices collaborate
Unified Messaging Features:
S – Subscriber Access
C – Call Answering
A – Auto Attendant
F – Fax Receiving
He explained different telephony services.
Next session by Ravi Shankar on Vritualization. Really expected more. But..
And Network diagnostics in Vista by Kaliyan
Arun Balachandran on MOSS administration was good .But have not given sufficient time for him.
Feedback: Concentrated more on photos and goodies but not on content. Got good sponsors.Slowly becoming commercialize. And I feel that speakers want to retain their MVP status from Microsoft. Sorry to comment like this. I observed it.

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