Microsoft Student Champ Program

Recognizing outstanding student developers

The Microsoft Student Champ Program strives to identify dedicated students who have demonstrated strong technical knowledge of Microsoft developer technologies, and who willingly share that knowledge with fellow students through campus groups, clubs, and online communities.

Microsoft works with faculty to identify deserving students and invite them to join this exclusive student community. Beyond the tangible benefits of the program, Microsoft Student Champs gain many opportunities to learn about Microsoft and our development platform, and use that knowledge to become even more active on campus and in the software development industry.

Microsoft provides the selected students with access to Microsoft Academic Resource Kit apart from other goodies. Working in close contact with Microsoft, provides the students with a hands on opportunity to improve their communication and leadership skills.

List of Microsoft Student Champs

What makes a great Microsoft Student Champ?

These six traits lay it all out:

1. Develop Technical Expertise
A strong understanding of the overall set of Microsoft Visual languages and the .NET Framework is preferred, along with specific demonstrable skills in one or more languages or technologies. Students skilled in multiple platforms, languages, and technologies are especially encouraged to join the program.

2. Be a Campus Leader
Nominees should be actively involved in student technical clubs, societies, and organizations, preferably in leadership roles

3. Be an Active Part of the Online Community
Nominees should be actively involved in online communities, academic or professional. Examples include blogs, newsgroups, forums, online clubs, and related.

4. Embrace New Technology
Nominees should eagerly seek out new technologies, explore them, and share that experience and knowledge gained with fellow students and faculty.

5. Work Well with Faculty
Nominees should be well-regarded by faculty within your department and across campus.

6. Keep an Outgoing Personality and Mature Attitude
Nominees should have an outgoing personality in public situations. They should also have a positive, mature attitude towards responding to criticism and engaging in debate.

If you are interested in becoming a Microsoft Student Champ – Be in touch with your College Student Champ or just contact Lakshman Srikanth ( or Raveesh(, to nominate yourself (send your name, college and contact number), or for any queries and clarifications.

For more details about Microsoft Student Champ Program please visit


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