Hello Friends,

A very warm hello to everyone from the Wolf Frameworks team…

During the next Barcamp Bangalore session, we are going to demo & release
the public beta of our Business Solutions Platform-as-a-Service. To give you
a quick introduction: Founded in 2006, Wolf Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is
the first 100% XML based OnDemand application development and delivery
platform on the Internet for business users, knowledge workers & software
developers to create custom Business Applications and Analytical Services
without worrying about software-hardware-storage or technical development

Offered on the web as a service, the framework allows business
users/partners to build from simple day to day personal applications to
complex CRM, Time and Billing, ERP, Inventory, Accounting, Financial,
Compliance or Mashable applications with point and click user interface
without any upfront investments.

As a open standard cloud computing platform, software is created & delivered
automatically and is easily integrated with existing systems while users
only need to configure, click and drop to build their screens, menu’s & make
English like statements to add business rules. No script or programming
required; a SaaS development platform for businesses and ISV’s. You can
pay-as-you-use and build new software apps 75 times faster or quickly
convert your existing software’s into SaaS using our Wolf PaaS development

I am very excited to meet some of you in person at the next Barcamp session.
I have attached the promotional key for you to sign up for the service right
away and will be happy to help you get started with Wolf PaaS. Feel free to
ask questions and drop your queries.

Please visit http://www.wolfframeworks.com/register.asp and register with
the following promotional key: DDDD71 and activate your account online.


Sunny Ghosh
Director & CEO

Wolf Frameworks India Pvt. Ltd
M: +91 98451 66926
Web: http://www.wolfframeworks.com


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