I met Sunil of CIS India last Saturday in RVCE college during Software Freedom day celebrations.

The Free Software Users Group of Bangalore and the Centre for Internet and Society in collaboration organise an essay competition for schools and colleges in Bangalore on the topic of "Software Freedom"

Last month, we hosted a meeting of the Free Software User Group – Bangalore at the CIS office. During the meeting, Prof. Renuka Prasad from RV College of Engineering proposed an essay competition for college and school students from Bangalore on the occasion of Software Freedom Day. Since this was good opportunity to CIS to be involved in grass-root level advocacy I readily agreed on behalf of the Centre. 

Click here to learn more about this competition. You can also download the poster and an electronic copy of the covering letter that was sent to 300 schools and colleges in Bangalore.

Prof Renuka Prasad consolidated the database and Anivar Aravind from Moving Republic provided lots of useful and timely advise. Hiran Venugopalan volunteered to design the poster. He used the free software applications of Gimp and Inkscape to design the poster. For those curious the background of the poster has the first 3 lines from the famous poem "My country awake" by Rabindranath Tagore.


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