Small basic
NET 3.5 SP 1 improvements
  • Graphical improvements
  • Start up performance of .NET code
  • WPF improvements, including graphics and performance
  • .NET end user experience in click once and installation
  • Will be installed as part of Windows 7


  • WPF
    • New WPF controls are shipping this week
      • Ribbon
      • A new DataGrid control
      • Calendar
      • DatePicker
    • Visual State Manager is also available for WPF
    • Showed Jump Lists
      • Adding contextualized tasks to your task bar
    • Multi Touch demos and notes
      • Demonstrated using multi touch to scroll through photos
      • Pixel shading effects to create ripples in images or any part of an app
      • Demonstrated sorting out photos, resizing them, etc similar to the iPod Touch


  • .NET 4
    • CLR 2 and CLR 4 can be loaded in the same address space
      • backwards support!!!
    • Improved managed and native code interop support
    • Managed Extensibility Framework


  • Visual Studio 2010
    • First public CTP was released at the PDC
    • Improved WPF design time experience in VS 2010
    • VS 2010 is built on WPF
    • Multi monitor support
    • Improved refactoring support
    • Code visualizations
    • Better test driven workflow
    • Improved plug in extensibility (very sweet stuff)
      • Scott Gu created a visualization in the IDE and showed how to embed bug tracking information from VSTS.
    • Improved REST support
    • jQuery integrated (also an add-in for VS 2008)
    • ASP.NET MVC enhancements
    • Velocity – distributed caching API (CTP is out this week at PDC)
    • web.config file versions for test, staging, deployment, etc.
    • Great ASP.NET list from Mike Ormond


  • Silverlight 2
    • Closing in on 100,000,000 installed machines
    • Samples
      • NBC Olympics site
        • 55 million unique visitors
        • Average person watched 27 minutes of video
      • K2 front end developed in SIlverlight
      • NetFlix turned on video support in Silverlight 2
    • Silverlight Toolkit (Free)
    • Fully interactive Silverlight 2 designer in Visual Studio 2010
      • WYSIWIG
      • Data Binding
      • Finally!!!
    • Silverlight will run inside or outside the browser!!!


  • Tesco WPF based grocery app demo (an interesting application of the new tools)
    • This is a demo app, so its more just an example of how Tesco used some of these features for their app.
    • Targets grocery shoppers
    • Sorts recipes, instructions, videos, caloric counts, add all items to your shopping cart
    • Find a birthday cake and add to the cart
    • Rotate, zoom and multi touch built in
    • Integrated web cam scanned the bar code of the Coke can, searched for it, and found some to add to the basket

Source: Harish Ranganathan

PDC 2 day coverage : Sam Gentile

Keynote/Windows 7

VS2010/.NET Framework 4/ASP.NET 4/Concurrency


PDC 1 Day Coverage

Here is my wrapper topic/links from some people I trust on the Keynote and Day1:


Azure Services Platform and .NET Services

WCF REST, WCF and WF 4.0

    VS2010 and .NET Framework 4.0/C# 4.0

     Windows Live ID is publicly committing to support the OpenID digital identity framework. OpenID
     Microsoft announced that the next version of Microsoft Office will be available as browser-based tools in addition to being desktop software products, too. The online apps will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote and they will run in the browser thanks to the Silverlight plugin. Plans are to support Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.


    Key components of the Azure Services Platform include the following:

    • Windows Azure for service hosting and management, low-level scalable storage, computation and networking
    • Microsoft SQL Services for a wide range of database services and reporting
    • Microsoft .NET Services which are service-based implementations of familiar .NET Framework concepts such as workflow and access control
    • Live Services for a consistent way for users to store, share and synchronize documents, photos, files and information across their PCs, phones, PC applications and Web sites
    • Microsoft SharePoint Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services for business content, collaboration and rapid solution development in the cloud

    patterns & practices App Arch Guide 2.0 Project".


  • Get the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 bits
  • Watch Anders’ talk on "The Future of C#"
  • Read the "New features in C# 4.0" paper
  • Play around with the C# Future samples

    New MSDN REST dev center –

    New REST toolkit from the product team on Codeplex – 

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