In my current company I got a chance to paritcipate in Great Plains training.
Excellent session.
The way Sreejith approached to present the session was really good.
First he explained the introduction to GP,terms, the modules in a brief manner.
Then he gave question and answer booklet. He asked us to answer.
 So many doubts arised in our minds.
It made us to pay attention in further discussions and made us to think about how GP works.
Then he has taken one by one module and explained the navigation with a real time scenario and Q&A section followed after each module.
He followed this till end. The example that he covered was: how a customer places an order and how a seller serves it and how this entire process carries out in GP. Almost everybody participated in the discussions.
Questions asked by audience really gave more idea on GP.
 Missing point is: How a developer should start working from the coding perspective ?
Thanks Sreejith for presenting a wonderful session.

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