A few days back, Jaago Re! One Billion Votes movement hit a milestone of 300,000 online voter registrations. Is this a significant number? You decide:
In the recent 2008 Rajasthan state assembly elections, a candidate lost by 1 vote
In 2004 general elections, the lowest margin of victory was 74 votes
Over the next 3 months, we look forward to your active participation in getting more people registered as voters (registrations may close around mid-March 2009), and ensuring that they turn out to vote in the upcoming general elections.
We will constantly assist you with ideas, tools and information.
Begin by registering your family members right now! Did you know that:
You can register others using your own email ID
Registered voters also stand to benefit a lot by registering.
And all of this takes only 5 mins! Click here to register your family members right now and make every vote count.
Vandana Krishnan
Communications Manager – Jaago Re! One Billion Votes
Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy
My reply to them is:
I am Sreedhar Ambati one of the old volunteer of Janaagraha.
I am part of WISA project.
Here are proudly declaring that registrations have crossed 1 billion, 2 billions etc etc.
But after registration when we are going to the real world with those forms to the ERO offices they are laughing at us.
I tried for 2 days just for submitting my forms.
I am from Belandur , Bangalore.
Accordingly I went to Mahadevapura .They told me to go KR puram .And they told me to go to Whitefield .Then finally they told me back to Marathahalli which is again coming to the first place.
At the end I could nt able to submit my forms.
It is happening to almost everyone.
Officers are laughing by seeing this online forms.
And asking us who has given this.
I dont know where went wrong.
I gave Jagore details proudly once in my blog … ambatisreedhar.wordpress.com
But now I am thinking that we should think once again seriously for future steps.
I am sorry to hear about your experience. As much as we try to battle the system and attitude of EROs, exceptions will always remain. But this shouldnt stop us from trying.
In this particular case, I am asking Praveen (he heads our Voter Grievance Cell) to investigate what happened and take up action accordingly. If there was a mistake on our website in terms of directing you to the wrong ERO, I apologize in advance. We will make corrections immediately. If the problem was only with EROs refusing to accept online forms, we must do 2 things
You must write a complaint letter directly to CEO Karnataka. Believe me it helps!
Praveen will also write to CEO Karnataka, and parallely talk to these EROs so that these kind of instances do not repeat
Thanks for taking the trouble to inform us. Its essential that we put pressure and not give up when such situations arise.
Warm regards,
Jasmine Shah
Jaago Re! One Billion Votes – Campaign Coordinator
Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship & Democracy
 Please mail your complaint at ceo.karnataka@gmail.com
Please forward the same to me (do not cc it to me).
 I will also file a complaint from my side
with regards
Praveen C Bhanj Deo.
ps: also email your cell number to CEO karnataka

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