For a client we worked on Business Portal 3.0 (which integrates with GP 9.0) customizations and has asked us to do the same customizations in Business Portal 4.0 (which integrates with GP 10.0). Business Portal 3.0 has an SDK for doing the customizations but Business Portal 4.0 don’t have an SDK to do the customizations. So, Microsoft has suggested that we can upgrade the existing customizations from old version to the new version and we have followed the same.


Customizations in Business Portal 3.0 were done using Rational XDE modeling by pointing to GP 9.0 database for creating custom MBF (Microsoft Business Framework) entities. So while upgrading we have used the same model by pointing to GP 10 database to check whether the model was compatible with GP 10 or not and upgraded the customizations to new version.

This first phase of customizations were done and sent to client also.


Now we moved to the second phase of the project .

Client is asking for new customizations now in Business Portal 4.0 and we are planning to model using Rational XDE and Business Portal 3.0 SDK by pointing to GP 10.0 database and upgrade to Business Portal 4.0. We are not sure whether we can follow this process or not because there is no document from Microsoft for new customizations in Business Portal 4.0 and whether this is the recommended way or not. I believe Microsoft is no longer supporting Rational XDE.


If you know the solution please help me or if you know anyone who worked on this please give the details.

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