Get Started on Microsoft Dynamics Axapta – Rajinish Menon Kattayil (MBS Partner Lead)

AXapta is meant for Financial module.
Axapta is meant for small and medium organisations (SMB) ir for 1000 concurrent users.
For Eg:Axapta  cannot target Reliance , Shell etc such big companies. It is for small companies

Navision is also for Financial but it is for 300-400 concurrent users.

Recently Ax can speak with SAP using DUET.

It uses Hub and Spike Model

In India Microsoft is supporting AX,Nav, CRM and not other Dynamics products like GreatPlains, SOlomon, Forecaster etc

ERP usually for :

 Right information at right time in right format to strategic, tactical ,operations for a better company.

Delivery models are:

1. Partner mode (on Premise)
2. Hosted model (by partners source)
3. CRM LIve (hosted by Microsoft ) . This exists only in US.

Microsoft roadmap:
It is only targetting for smbs only.
reason: In SAP 15% of the ERP s/w are used by companies once deployed. Remaining they wont use.
Thats why Microsoft is coming with small ERP targetting for SMBS.

Latest is AX 2009 . It has workflows integrated and Supply Chain Management

Who is ISV: who develop products and sell the product eg: Microsoft

Damgaard : Microsoft bought Ax from this company.


Silverlight 3: Whats new   by Chaitra Nagraj

1. Demo on GPU Acceleration
2. PlaneProjection
3. SaveFileDialog
4. Animation Easing
    (Elastic Ease , Bounce Ease .. )
5. Effects
    (Impact Visual Behaviour)
6. Pixel Shaders
    Here HLSL ( High Level Shader Language) is used.
Pixel Apis:
Two parts: 
               1. Dynamic Bit generation
               2. Render

7. BitMap functionality: (everybody likes this)

       As the video is running dynamically capturing screenshots and stored as images in a image wrappanel.

Use Media Element tag
Use WritableBitmap API and System.Windows.Media.Imaging namespace

8. Local Messaging
 Communication between
 a. Cross Plug in  Silverlight communication
 b. Multiple plugin on same page
 c. different browser tabs
Demo: 2 browsers playing chess
First silverlight application makes car moving from one side of the mountain to the other side and it falls then the second Silverlight application
takes the control and the car finally crashes.


9. UI frameworks
10. Navigation framework
11. Silverlight "Out of the browser" ( Most Awaited feature)
     this is like clickonce .. ie offline capability


I am very satisfied with both the session.
I got so much insight of Microsoft Dynamics suite. I requested for this session.
It was very useful.Chaitra and myself could able to convince Rajinish to spend one hour in his busy schedule.
Its a nice start for Dynamics. I am hoping some more good sessions.
Rajinish promised us for a technical session on AX.
Thanks Rajinish for your time with us.

Chaitra’s session was  excellent.
I am very happy after hearing such a good session.
She told all those new things in Silverlight in 1 hr.
That is the advantage of attending Bdotnet sessions.
You can learn things in a faster pace.

I dont think so even our company and our colleagues will tell such good information like bdotnet speakers.

Its a wonderful session from both the speakers.



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