sapna <> wrote

We all must agree that the time has come for Bangalore to shed its
garden city tag.

As thousands of trees have fallen prey to the road widening Project
and many fallen illegally by few.Such an act is increasing the
temperature in these areas and also take away the much needed shade
for vehicle riders.

Its  time to act now

Let’s Integrate For Environement and do our Bit.

Volunteer in saplings distribution and awareness programe on a

Making people aware of importance of trees is as important as planting

Please Spare some time and join us.Small efforts make a Big change.
No of volunteers required: 10-15

What to do?
Distribute saplings for free to every guest and encourage them to
plant trees.Expected no of guests is around 1000.

How long:- 2 Hours

10th May 2009

GNR kalyan mantapa.
No 3/3
18th C main
4th T block
Bengalooru 560041.

Contact Person:-sapna 990


Please send me your contact number.
You willl be contacted by Mr.Shivkumar .
Please take the address and you can contact him incase you have
difficulty in finding the venue.
You can participate on saturday evening or sunday afternoon.Please let
us know your convineient time.
Upon reaching the venue,
1)He will give you the saplings to distribute.
2)He will giude you incase you want to know what you need to talk to
the guests(1min each with each guest) and with the news channel.
You can contact me for any information @ 9900250490


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