Life has changed dramatically in these 2.6 yrs after coming to Bangalore.
About Tech Ed :
Yesterday Steve Balmer Microsoft CEO came to address the keynote in TechEd Hy

Microsoft Tech Ed India Hyderabad 2009

 KeyNote Speaker – Steve Balmer


First word heard from Steve is “The Economy”.

And “Optimistic” about the future.

“Does IT Matters”: Some business school professor questioned after the dotcom boom.

Answer:  IT Matters

Inspirational words:

1.       Dig for more Productivity and Innovation.

2.       “Do more from less”.

3.       Now  “IT Matters More Than Ever”.

During this recession period also Microsoft is doing of investments for DYNAMIC IT innovation like bringing all the existing and new products on to the CLOUD.

Now Microsoft is getting more revenues from Share Point Server and CRM.

This year is for Windows 7

Vista is popular but more talked about. But Windows 7 is popular and also people are talking about.

Microsoft started from zero and got share in Virtualization space.

Windows Azure syncs all Web, TV, Phone, PC enabled devices.

Next Wave of Technologies:

1.       Unified Communications

2.       Office Business Applications

3.       Business Intelligence

4.       Datacenter Management

5.       Cloud Services

6.       Social Computing

7.       Mobility (Windows Mobile 6.5)

Key take aways are:

1.       More productive

2.       More optimistic

3.       More hard core

4.       More primitive than ever.

The best answers which I liked from Steve Q & A are:

Q: Successful leaders build successful organizations or vice versa. Which one finds relevant.

A: Both are true. Reason is

Successful leaders makes success even from bad projects

Successful organizations makes successful projects/innovations even without having successful leaders.

Q: Regarding competition in the market

A: Come on Google Come on Apple Come on let’s compete.

Q: Regarding Search market:

A: Microsoft is not a market leader. So it has full flexibility. Microsoft is taking small steps and he still proud of his search team. And we can change the things.

Q: What Microsoft has learned from recession?

A: It is good news as well as bad news

Why good news: It happens once in a life time.

Q: Why Silverlight 2 on Mobile is still not released?

A: Development on Silverlight 2 on Mobile is going on in Hyderabad R&D center. So ask Hyderabad R&D Microsoft guys.






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