First technical session I attended was
Biztalk Technology Tent : Stayed for 10 minutes. But it is going over my head. As I have no sufficient experience on Adapter development I left. They are taking about
Then I went to:
1. Overview of .Net Framework 4.0
Steve has full enthusiasm in meeting people. But one of the speaker is lacking that.They have to learn from him how to tell a session.
Topic is very good. They explained very good insight into the new features with lot of demos.
2. Developing  MVC based web apps using AspNet MVC by Stephen  Walther
This is the highlight session of yesterday’s talk.
Very good session. Stephen gave more importance to Q&A.
I will discuss these sessions and will write technical stuff once completing this TechEd.. But will give small important points during TechEd
During lunch time I met Meena of SymIndia.
She is very kind in sharing good information.
3. Asp.Net Dynamic Data:
Creating Data Driven websites as the speed of your thinking:
Harish Ranganathan
Topic heading is eye catching but not the subject. Data services with some added salt.
4. Then went to MVP community zone.
Attended Panel Dave session on Sqlserver. He showed some tips in Sqlserver.
He is a cool guy. He showed a different dimension in delivering technical speeches.
Delivering and doing simple things means that we are not dumb. We are doing our contribution.
5. Then I attended IT PRO track "Application Virtualisation".
I expected more from this. But the speakers are concentrating on the Q&A.
People who are working on APP V virtualisation already got useful information.
But IT PRO guys who are new to APP V : God only can help.
Again they have to sit and learn by themselves.
Interesting stuff but not added more value to all.
6. Then I attended demos at 6 ‘0’clock by Pandurang ( Silverlight ), Supreet ( Surface), Ravi,Preeta (Virtual Earth ) and Robotics demos.
They are very good.
Due to time constraints I couldnt able to discuss more.
No net facility, no current at room..
Met so many good people
I met a regular Bdotnet guy in TechEd.
Meena K
Arun Balachandran
Today I will take Sharepoint and Cloud Computing tracks.
I am expecting more and more from this.
Today and tomorrow sessions topics are very good: But all are in parallel.
Yesterday its not like that. Not that many good topics.

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