I am questioning myself after hearing that Sreedhar is a blogger.
Am I blogger?
Oh God. I am not a blogger.
Its my intention to blog.
I want to share information that I got. I chose this one of my tool.
Thats it.
I am not a blogger.
Usually I am mad for technology. I used to do anything for technology. I forgot food .. I am not going for sessions not for getting T-Shirts , goodies .. I have no interest.
I came from zero. I know my capabilities and limitations.
I am a small developer .. loves technology …I am working in Proteans for Microsoft technologies . If they give java ,, or RUby or anything related to technology I am ready to take.  But I love Microsoft marketing style.
I love my work , my company’s customers.
Remaining are not important for me.
I believe in groups . communities .
Instead of complaining against things I want to involve with them and want to do my best to rectify it.
I like Indian politics. Thats why involved with Janaagraha. I want to know about my society.
I want to know why people are complaining against Microsoft MVP program.
Instead of complaining just involve.
We can solve the problems. If we stand in one word nobody can stop us.

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