Innovation Games at a glance
Speed Boat Draw a boat on a whiteboard or sheet of butcher paper. You would like the boat to move fast. Unfortunately, the boat has a few anchors holding it back. The boat is your system, and the features that your customers do not like are its anchors. Customers write what they do not like on an anchor. They can also estimate how much faster the boat would go when that anchor was cut. Estimates of speed are really estimates of pain. When customers are finished posting their anchors, review each one, carefully confirming your understanding of what they want to see changed in the system.
Product Box Ask your customers to imagine that they are selling your product at a tradeshow, retail outlet, or public market. Give them a few cardboard boxes and ask them to design a product box that they would buy. The box should have the key marketing slogans that they find interesting. When finished, pretend that you are a skeptical prospect and ask your customer to use their box to sell your product back to you.
Spider Web Put the name of your product or service in the center of a circle. Ask your customers to draw other products and services that they think are related to your product. As they draw these products and services, ask them to tell you when, how, and why these are used. Ask them to draw lines between the different products and services. Encourage them to use different colors, weights, or styles to capture important relationships (e.g., you can use a thicker line or a different color pen to draw extra important relationships). The Spider Web game works well with the Start Your Day game: as your customer reviews when and where they use your offering, you can also capture the various relationships that exist between the different products and services that they use throughout the day.
Show and Tell Ask your customers to bring examples of artifacts created or modified by your product or service. Ask them to tell you why these artifacts are important, and when and how they are used. For example, if your product is a software system to manage invoices, ask them to show you the invoices, reports, or spreadsheets that they have created through the use of your product.
Pay careful attention to anything that surprises you – artifacts you expected them to create or modify that they have ignored, artifacts that are not used, or artifacts used in unexpected ways. What do these tell you?


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