I prefer working with different teams.
If I am doing the same thing for more than 1 yr I know the advantages of it.
I can get grip of the team and the technology.Seniors also can understand better.
If it is  1-2 yrs its ok. but if more .Usually it increases arrogance and usually
people will move to a stage and they wont listen for the new happenings. They will forget the remaining world.
They will live in their own world. "Like windows application is greater than web application" such type of things they will tell.
Thats why I dont like staying with the same group.
Usually in weekends I used to attend usergroup meetings .
There I can meet new people and can think for new things new technologies
new ways to solve a problem..
This is my opinion.
It is helping me always that there is so much to learn and makes me going in the right way.
Suppose If I am attending java meeting I have to ask someone for simple things also in their space.
It helps me to keep my arrogance in control and makes me search for new things always. A constant learner.
Greediness,selfishness are in control. It made me not to feel shy or greedy for asking others for new things.
It is helping me in building my character that technology , money does nt matter.
At the end of the day how much you helped the fellow people it matters.
Nobody will take anything from this world .They will come with empty hands and leave the world with same ..

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