Today I completed all the exit formalities with Proteans ..the company which I loves more and which I feels like home.
The best company I come across in my 5 yrs of my software experience.
I really loved it .. enjoyed working with Proteans.
For joining Proteans I waited for 2 yrs.Then got the oppurtunity to join there.
I am specially telling thanks to Sudhakar and Prashant Singh who always listened my words and read my mails even in their busy schedules.
I met the best PM and the best architect. Thanks Prakash J and Sendhil. Really helped me in understanding the passion about technology.
Proteans gave offer letter to me on Jan 16th 2007 but I took nearly 2 months for joining Proteans.
At that time I bargained with that offer letter. Really my attitude is like that.
But now after working there my attitude has changed. Its trust and honesty matters. And the technology …
Yes Proteans built me both mentally and technically.
Thanks PJ,Sendhil,Murugan, Ashish Kakani,Venkat,Deepak Trama,Prashant Sharma for all your support.
Last 4 months I am at the peak of my career. Wrote articles on SharePoint,GreatPlains,CMS. Got good response on Sharepoint. More download.
I am not that much good in facing audience.But I gave session in Bdotnet.
I worked in CRM,GP,Sharepoint,3.5.
Last 15 days are really tough for me.
I couldnt able to digest atleast for 10 days.
I love technology. I love attending techical sessions. I love Proteans.
PJ and Sudhakar had taken interview for me 2 yrs back.
PJ said thanks to me for coming to the interview 30 mins. That day is Saturday and he is very busy with new project ClientProfiles.
I cleared that round. He asked so many questions starting from .net, wcf,wwf,wpf and then NUnit, and UML.
Then Sudhakar asked a question regarding SMARTCLIENTS.
I thought CEO round is like managerial round. I told something which is not fully correct. He told the reason when to go for smart clients.
Really impressed. After taking the offer letter I was very scared if CEO is this much technically strong then how the team members will be.. Thats why taken more time to join Proteans. I went 2 times to speak with PJ regarding the project before joining Proteans. 
I done a good job by accepting that offer. It has changed my life , my approach of reaching technology..
Thanks Preejith (HR) for giving this oppurtunity.
I got offer letter from Proteans
Actually that time I saved Proteans phone numbers and have not taken Preejith calls.I am doing bargaining with other companies.
But Preejith came in a new way.He told her friend from other company to call me.I took the call and told that I want more package
than Proteans.
I went to Proteans to meet PJ for knowing the project before joining Proteans.He told me nicely.
Preejith came there and told the above that I am not taking his call and looking for another offer.
Thanks Preejith and Proteans for a nice wonderful journey there for more than 2.5 yrs.
Got good friends : Mohan , Gaurav, Saai, Ashish Tripati, Shiddu, Deepak Trama ,
Thanks Srini, Sudarshan, Vikram, Sreejith for your support.
FOCUS is the mantra…

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