B.NET UG Meeting (BizTalk Sessions)
DateTime: 1st Aug 2009 – 11:00AM to 01:00 PM

SESSION1: SOA with BizTalk – Ground Zero

Speaker: Niraj Bhatt, Microsoft MVP, INETA Speaker, Enterprise Architect – Blog 

This session explains the motivation behind SOA, its principles & explains why they matter even today. Session then shows how Biztalk can be used as a SOA enabler, building on fundamentals showing how to create value for the enterprise.

SESSION2: Microsoft ESB (BizTalk ESB Toolkit)

Speaker: Kashinath TR, Microsoft MVP, Technology Architect, Infosys.
An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a critical enabler of SOA technology. This session introduces the concept of an ESB and looks at a real-world example of how an ESB could be used to implement an infrastructure for enabling a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Using the ESB Guidance for Microsoft BizTalk Server, we illustrate how BizTalk Server provides the core capabilities to enable IT to achieve important benefits such as increased flexibility, developer productivity and faster time-to-market for services

PANANI Room, Microsoft Signature Building, EGL,
Koramangala Ring road, Bangalore.

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