Banyan Tree Talk : Be A Dreamer Who Does

ThoughtWorks Bangalore invites you to a Banyan Tree talk by Bringi Dev. Intrapreneurs are "dreamers who do", those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an organization. The concept of intrapreneurship has taken root in corporations in the course of the last two decades as a way of providing mutual fulfillment of both individual as well as corporate needs to accelerate innovation and drive decentralized growth.

This interactive discussion will cover the concept of intrapreneurship and how its clearly different from the better-known concept of entrepreneurship. While doing so, the session will seek to educate participants about how intrapreneurship can enhance their work lives and make their careers more successful while being more satisfying as well as enjoyable. And, at the same time, how the organization that one works for will benefit, thereby creating a virtuous cycle of mutual growth and reward.

Using minimal formal presentation tools, the speaker will share his experience as a corporate intrapreneur, and answer questions that the audience might have.


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