So many things are happening nowadays around me.
Most of them are disturbing me alot.
When I was in Chennai they use to call me as Andhra guy. Even though I have enough marks they rejected my application as I from Andhra.
Now even in Hyderabad the same case is happening.What is this Mad Telangana, Rayalaseema, Kostha Andhra.
If I go for interview in Hyderabad they will ask whether I am from Andhra or Telangana.
The same case is repeating.
How many times one can build a new capital. Is it that much easy?
I dont know whether I am an Indian or Andhra guy.
Dont know whats happening around… Now I am in Bangalore.
I learned some morals in my school days. Unity is strength. Should not make friends based on caste,creed,region… Should not tell lie. If I am telling truth about my career then HR guys are not giving job. I dont know what mistake I did. I treated my work place as my home.If any mistake was done against company I never tolerated. Just for designations and for money I wont compromise in front of …
I believe in technology. It helps in creating a better world. I never hide my mistakes.
Still I believe in Truth. I love it.
When I am leaving this Earth I can proudly say whatever I did in my 60 yrs of my life is valuable. I stood on my words.
I helped atleast few people who are jobless. Nothing is wrong in front of hungry.
HRs, PMs  use to tell so many things. One has to taste the hunger then they will understand.
Next year I am starting my steps for fulfilling my dream. I want to help poor students financially for their studies. Actually this year i want to start in my village. But God gave me a big blow and all my thoughts were washed away. I want to play very active role in reaching technical things to the developers. I am going to my village for Pongal.I will discuss this with others and starts implementing on this.
I joined Skelta on Jul 1st 2009.
6 months probation it means Dec end 2009.
But they confirmed  one month early. I successfully completed my 6th probation in 6th company in my 6 yrs experience. Today I entered into 7th year.
Currently I am working on a real time project which has lot of complexities.
I learned personally about my mistakes.
Where I went wrong.
I want to bring projects to my companies. I use to think for that only. No other second thoughts.I left safest projects. Never found people who utilised my mistakes as oppurtunities.But found few and effected me badly.
My mistakes are my stepping stones.
After the bad experience  I got doubts about myself . How I got 100 in 10th class and how I got 2250 rank in State wide Engineering entrance test. How I maintained my 1st rank in my school days.
Now after getting the recent confirmation from Skelta my doubts are cleared.
But they are all correct. I got 100 out of 100 in Maths , maintained 1st rank through out my school days and am the same guy who got 2250 rank in Eamcet.
Just my approach of reaching success is different. Morals are important. Truth stays forever.
Just for climbing ladder I wont play politics. Just whatever I am whatever that I feel I will express the same.
My soul and heart drives me.
Some months back I wrote this article in CodeProject on Sharepoint.
It got 10k+ hits till now. Many are using it.
How it is a bad article?
There is a difference in using a wrong technology for a wrong project. Say using Sharepoint for a simple web application and deviating the clients. Even after having good resources still people are spending time in doing POCs. Success or failure depends on THE PM.
Companies should not take people who are having less than 10 yrs of solid coding experience as Project Managers. How they can handle technical things? They will become toys in the hands of some talkative guys in the team.
I am very happy that I am still doing solid coding even after 6 yrs. Still competing with freshers. I want to be in this area only. Still learning new new concepts new new technologies. Not playing politics against colleagues for my success.
Focus is the mantra and keep watching the things around you properly is the second mantra from now on.
God is there. Whatever we are doing here he watches. We can fool the people but not the god and the inner soul.
EQ, IQ and SQ (spiritualquotient) .For concentration I am going the spiritual way.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

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