A bus ticket to ride on 4th of every month


Bangalore: Show that you care for Bangalore by not using your vehicle
on the 4th day of every month. This is what the BMTC wants to convey
through its ‘Bus Day’ initiative on February 4.
  In case the 4th day of a certain month coincides with a public
holiday, it will be observed the next day.
  What is ‘Bus Day’? BMTC officials say it’s an initiative to
encourage every Bangalorean to use public transport. The campaign also
encourages companies to use their own buses on that day. The
initiative will start in two corridors — city centre to ITPB and
Electronic City.
  Transport secretary M K Shankaralinge Gowda on Tuesday said there
are 35 lakh vehicles in Bangalore, of which 50% are two-wheelers and
20% four-wheelers. “There are at least 6,000
buses for public transport and 3,000 private ones. If people commute
in buses at least once a month, traffic and environment will improve
greatly,” he said.


BMTC officials met companies and NGOs from ITPB and Electronic City.
“Some firms are sending emails to their employees about the programme.
We also want to study traffic pattern before and after ‘Bus Day’. If
the campaign is successful, it will be taken up on other routes,”
Shankaralinge Gowda added.
  BMTC MD Syed Zameer Pasha said the corporation will increase bus
services along the two routes on that day. According to officials,
shuttle service will be provided for last-mile connectivity in both



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