29 Aug 2010 : Night 10-11pm .Amma weep as I am leaving to Delhi.They came here to Bangalore and within short time I got KPMG deployment assignment in Delhi.
30 Aug : Morning 2:42 Am got call from Rajarshi Das (Project Manager)
3:48 AM started in Meru cab. Took breakfast(idlies) in Bangalore Airport
6 AM  Indigo Flight to Delhi.
8:30 AM reached Indira Gandhi International Airport.
Booked Meru cab and came to Canaught CP road,Hailey Road. Our Skelta Delhi office.
10:30 AM met Ritesh(Sales manager),Vikram(Care taker)
F7 AP Upasana building next to Banga Bhavan.
11:00 AM in Meru cab started to DLF PHASE 2 KPMG office Gurgaon.
12:00 Reached KPMG
Met Rupesh,Nirbhay,Ashish
1:40 PM No food.Only sandwich
Started deployment.
7:45PM booked can and reached Delhi office by 9:oo PM
In the cab itself made the laptop ready with the same code like in client place. Found RT (Research  Team work related) had problem
31 Aug : Planned to complete multiserver deployment.
1 Sep : woke up at 6 AM
today is my birthday. So at 6:30 AM went to Shiva temple which is backside to Delhi office.
8:30 PM saw Parliament,India Gate in lights from cab itself
Went to Saravana Bhavan(Tamil hotel) for food.
KPMG has leave. But we went to Gurgaon. Both Rupesh and Nirbhay came .
Ate Bengali restaurant.
3 Sep — Gurudwara
4 Sep (Saturday)
Came to KPMG office
6 PM went to Sarojini Market. Very cheap.
6 Sep :
At 10 PM Gyarah Murti (Chalo Delhi statues)
Common wealth Games trial run. blocked the roads.
Saravana Bhavan near to Janapath road.
8 Sep: 9:30 AM
we have taken MG road route instead of TOLL gate route
Neela Hauz Bridge
CDOT (Center of Telematics) near Gurgaon.
Delhi to Gurgaon metro railway line.
Sultanpur Railway stn,
9 Sep
Started at 8 Am
10 SEp
8:30 AM tollgate route
MG road route
Taken different route –Kidwar nagar->aurobindo ashram marg -> Mehrauli->Qutub Minar Stn..Chattaspur->Sultanpur->Gitorni_>Arjun Marg
On 11th Sep :
I went to parliament road for lunch at 1 AM.Very good dhaba food.
Then for the first time I saw Parilament,President house,India gate very near.
Things are identical on both of the road.
Indian Gate top will be at the same height of President house ground(like saluting to President)
India Gate is for martyrs who died for country.
During AUg 15 Parade people will sit on both sides of the road.A greenish park is there.
There is a boating area around India Gate.
On 12th Sep :
woke up at 8
Started working on sp webservice,verbal search.
At 6 PM went to Cannuaght Place CP Palika Bazaar.
Top we have park.
Underground two floors for shopping went alongwith Das,Ritesh,Vikram(from Nepal)
Then took a metro from Rajiv chowk to Chandini chowk( new delhi,Chawra Bazaar in between)
Yellow line (top floor for Noida trains),blue line (inner Delhi), and one more line( For gurgoan).
Min charge : 10rs. They gave a yellow round plastic coin. Underground railway   metro.
So many escalators. Very crowded.have to follow Q.
Before entering into station have to put the coin on a machine.So it will read.
And before coming out of the station have to drop the coin in the machine.It will give sound if u r not following the rules.
I took a photo of the metro train.Immediately security came and told me to delete the photo.
Govt. has reinnovating so many bazaars,shops ,houses for the sake of CWG 2010.
Chandini chowk and Old Delhi Railway station are nearer.Inside the ground I get down at chandini chowk rly  stn and came out from old Delhi rly stn.
Chandini chowk: Gurudwar isthere.I went to Gowri Parameswar temple in chandini chowk.Yesterday was Ganesh Chaturdhi.I prayed to God.
I saw Delhi Red Fort wall which is nearer to temple.
Then we went to Lane Paratawallah galle. Very famous for different types of Rotis in Delhi.
Very small lane and very congested lane.But so many famous people use to take from there.
I wentto hotel.there Indira Gandhi,Jawaharlal Nehru,Akshay Kumar so many visited that hotel.Hotel owner placed a photographs of all their visits in his hotel wall.
So many police people are guarding the area Chandini Chowk as COmmon Wealth Games 2010 are going to held in Delhi.
Chandini Chowk comes under Delhi 110006.  A movie by name Delhi-6 was shooted here.
Then from there by walk we went to Fatehpuri area,Chawra bazaar rly stn then to Hauz Khan area( some movie halls are there Bhojpuri movies(BIhar,UP) will show.
Then we reachedNew Delhi rlystn.
From there took an auto to CP.Reached room by 9.Today heavy rain.So I washed my pant and bathed.
sep 15
barahkamba road
tolstoy marg
kasturba marg
max muller bhavan

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