I was in Oman from almost 7 months.

When I came here I felt lonely. Working in a bank makes me feel more lonely.

Everything you have to do as per job wise. They will give deadlines.Thats it.Its upto you to deliver by understanding their requirements, going to client place, making the product and meeting the Bank coding security standards, and delivering the product.

Its like Govt job for permanent guys. For consultants like me its difficult to deal with those people.

Its a different atmosphere with a software job in India.

After 2 months I felt lonely.Then I thought that its time to make new friends.I came out of the circle.

Then I met Sai (Servce AND Inspire) group in Muscat.

These devotees gives more importance to service.

Free medical camps,Health camps to ladies,Food distribution to workers (horrible temperatures here) , moral classes to students, blood donation camps etc.

I made so many friends and participated in so many service activities,

I donated blood 3 times after coming here.

I felt more satisfied than simply coding. I added more value as a human being.

I even heard so many controversies about SAI but I am not that grown up to comment on his personality. His devotees are very good. That is for sure. Whatever they tells they will practice.Instead of simply enjoying their comfort life they work for others also.


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