I came back to Muscat on 12th July 2011.

My contract was extended for another 6 months till Dec 2011.

Just for maintaining the projects I think they extended.

May be God wants me to stay for somemore time to solve some other financial problems.

A quick recap of last 9 months in Muscat

1. First sister delivered a girl and third sister delivered a boy.I met their expenses and cleared a land debt.

2. Last year my family gave clothes to 20 poor students in my panchayat.

3. I raised 1lakh (got from doing an external project in Muscat) and funded for Ravi Chandra Foundation(NG0) started by me. I deposited that amount in bank. So from this year onwards we can distribute clothes ,support eduction fees for the poor students in my village. I have to register that NGO by taking the help of my villagers.

I am happy to complete the above task this year. It was there in my mind from a long time.I completed this. Now everyyear interest coming from that 1 lakh is enough to take care of the poor students(20) from my village. Last year it was covered in Telugu newspapers. This year I told my father to call English newspapers so that it will reach more people and can help more students.


When I went to India July1-10 2011 I met an orphanage. All are deaf,dumb,mentally retarded students.I promised them I will do something for them.

I have no interest of staying here as my parents are demanding to come back. But God has written in different way.He want me to complete some solid thing for that orphanage. Will see whatever that I can do I will do.I want to do one outside project so that I can fund that orphanage.

I will try to take this matter to my friends in Muscat. If everyone is giving one Rial and if I can collect some 500 RO that is more than enough. Will see. I went to this orphanage in Srikakulam and collected full information and taken snaps also. (www.nimhindia.org)


Technical wise in the last one year: Not fully satisfied by my performance. became lazy. Learned some open source tools. Learning Sharepoint 2010,Websphere.

Became more devotional and sentimental. I dont know where I will reach.

After Dec 2011 I have to search for a job again.  By this Aug I am completing 30 and entering into 31. Still not settled. Almost all of my classmates are married. My parents are worrying about me.

I want to bring back my focus. Life is just going on….


Essence of Sri Bhagavad Gita (Gist of Gita/Song of God)

Why do you worry for nothing? Why are you scared of anyone?
Who can kill you?
Soul is neither born, nor does it die.
Whatever happened, has happened for the best.
Whatever is happening, is happening for the best.
Whatever will happen, will happen for the best.
Do not brood over the past.
Do not worry about the future.
The present is on.

What have you lost that you are weeping?
What have you brought, that you have lost?
What have you made that has been destroyed?
You did not bring anything. Whatever you have, you have it here.
Whatever was given, was given here.
Whatever you took, you took from the universe (God).
You have come empty handed and shall go empty handed.
What is yours today was somebody else’s in the past, and will be somebody else’s in the future.
You only feel happy because you think it’s yours forever.
This attachment is the cause of all your sorrow.

Change is the law of the universe.
What you think of as death, is life itself.
A man becomes the master of billions and the next moment he is penniless.
Make your mind free of petty ideas such as this is mine, this is yours, this is lowest, this is highest.
Free your mind and you will belong to everyone and everyone will be yours.
This physical body does not belong to you and you do not belong to this body.
The body is raised from five elements – fire, water, air, earth and sky and it will finally reduce to these elements.
Dedicate yourself to God. He is your only aid.
One who knows him becomes free from fear, worry and sadness.
Whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God. This will bring you the tremendous experience of joy and life-freedom forever.

Hare Krishna


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