YSR died. He did some great things especially in my district Srikakulam which is neglected for 50 yrs . All the agriculture land depends on rainfall.So only one crop in a year. Remaining people wont have work and they migrate as labourers to Mumbai,Malabar, Andaman etc. Some lands are waste till now even one crop is not possible as there is no water resource.Because of YSR efforts he made 1 crop possible in the upper areas of my village where Vamsadhara and Nagavali river waters wont come.

After his expiry Telangana issue came.

It became big problem to the development of AP State.

It hurted so many people sentiments and created barriers among the Telugu people.Became fun to other states.

Entire development was stopped.

Actually I planned to shift to Visakhapatnam as politicians promised it will become the next IT hub in AP.I saw a fly over construction in Asilmetta junction in Vizag.it is highly required. From almost 10yrs people are requesting for that.Fully crowded area. It will become the first flyover in city if constructed. 3 yrs back it was started.But during my visit to India I saw the work was stopped in between. it became chaos in that road.

Still the Telangana issue is burning. It became a play with politicians resignations. And I dont know why we have to wait for Sonia Gandhi. Cant we rule our own country?

I came to Muscat,Oman.Its a peaceful country.

But suddenly all the Arab countries started with revolutions. And now in Europe.

It is appearing like a well planned game in entire world.

Terrorist attacks became quite common.Wars ,Climate change etc became part of life.

No peaceful life when comparing to my childhood days.

In Andhra I saw a new concept in education system.

Studies became very very costlier. Concepts schools,Techno schools,Olympaid schools , IIT schools,International schools etc etc.Charging lakhs as fees.

And even parents also became mad in this rush.

For food,water people are fighting.

So many babaas are coming. They are spoiling faith of the devotees on God. like a preplanned activity these are happening.

in between Lokpal act came into picture by Hanna Hazare to stop the politicians corruptions.

Coming days will become worsen.


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