After coming to Muscat my roommate told me about Japan disaster which was mentioned in this site long time back.

Its a human created one.

World Trade twin towers destruction is also done by big shots in their economy.

So many religious discussions are going between me and my roommate.

In the month of Jan 2011 I am doing my work in the night 11:30 PM. building and beds,utensils shaked. my roommate noticed .

He told me food prices will increase in India.No subsidies. Govt will act according to some external forces.

Unique Identification Project in India is also part of the plan.

External forces are expecting Indian farmers to give crop holiday.Thats why Govt is increasing prices on fertilizers, diesel etc.

Wikileaks is also part of the game.

Just for creating a unilateral govt in the whole world they are doing this.

First problem in Middle East,then Europe (single currency) .

Spreading bogus things on religions so that people will move away from morals,lost control on their faith of god etc.

All are mentioned in the above site.


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