Pudina. Pic: Vinita.

So here’s what you can do to get started.

Take a few coriander (Dhania) seeds. Lightly crush the seeds by rubbing between your palms or gently rolling over with a rolling pin. This is to open them slightly. Now sow them a few inches apart in a regular 12-14 inch mud pot filled with 1 part sand, 1 part compost and 2 parts red earth.

Water it and watch them grow in just a few days! 

Similarly you could sow some Fenugreek (methi) seeds. Sow them directly in a pot. Take care not to overcrowd the pot as the seeds need adequate space to grow well. Methi seeds are one of the fastest to grow and will not disappoint you as a newbie gardener

And if you happen to have bought Mint (pudina) or Celery from an organic store, you can just plant the stems with the root (after using the leaves) in a pot. Within a couple of days you will spot fresh leaves growing. Pudina spreads fast so make sure the pot is broad enough. Once fully grown, regularly pinch the leaves for use, so that newer, healthier leaves grow. 



Greetings from geekgardener!

This post is very special for me and you all will know soon why it will be special to you all too. Most of you might be aware of the Kitchen Garden Day and the rest of you probably are surprised that there is one like that. I was excited when I came to know about it. I mean who wouldn’t. We have seen days earmarked for every single thing in the world and us gardeners deserve a day for ourselves. Don’t we?

Time for some facts now. Kitchen Garden Day was initiated by the Kitchen Gardeners International [] and since 2003, 4th Sunday of every August is celebrated as Kitchen Garden Day.  The happy guy with a trovel in one hand and a spoon in the other is the Mascot for KG Day.

There is a meet also arranging on 28th Aug 2011 .  Follow this blog : is a international community for Gardeners.

In Bangalore u can join these groups :

How to grow a Bonsai tree?

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  1. As India progresses,housing and that too a hassle free is the need of hour.Bangalore real estate is booming and the residential housing in Bangalore wish really appeal us.World-class city with superb facilities,is a dream come true

  2. The gardening is the best thing and it is good be maintain a garden in enough place.

  3. Gardening is also the one of the best thing like looking after the pets and nice post thanks for sharing.

  4. As Indians are more concerned about the parks, greenery’s they like to do gardening in the required places sometime even in Apartment balcony also. As per me growing plants is like looking after the pets.

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